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Get Free And Stay Free

God gave us Passover to help us stay and get back on the right path if we get off. You can see as you read through the Old Testament, Israel constantly got on the wrong path and went after other … Continue reading

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Developing A New Way of Thinking

One of the most interesting things in the Exodus story to me is the verse when they come to the border of Cannan. While this happens after the exodus, the statement points back to the picture of prosperity the roasted … Continue reading

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Preparations to Walk by Faith

Faith is a topic most of us would say we have a pretty good grasp on. Faith as it concerns our religious beliefs, believing God for something or trusting him though a situation. Last summer the Lord spoke a theme … Continue reading

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Staying in Faith for Your Healing

I have been believing for physical healing for twenty one years. Actually that’s probably not accurate, I have had seasons of wavering and even giving up on healing in these twenty one years and that’s what this post is about. … Continue reading

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Developing Unwavering Faith

Do you ever find yourself wondering why something hasn’t happened yet? Do you struggle from time to time wondering if what you’ve been believing for is going to come to pass? We all have thoughts of doubt at times but … Continue reading

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What Does the Fox Say?

There are so many voices in our lives; negative, positive, pointless, demeaning, uplifting, there are so many voices. When we have problems in life we typically go to a friend to get advice, many times when people ask us our … Continue reading

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