Recommended Reading

I believe that Bible reading and study is the most important habit of the Christian life along with prayer. With these two habits, I believe it is also important to learn and grow through reading other books and listening to teachings. The books on this page would be considered favorites of mine, books that have impacted me and shaped my life. Many books I have read, many good books have not made it here because books take time and I believe reading is an investment and I only want to recommend the best investments. While I may not be able to endorse every sentence of every book, as long as we listen to Holy Spirit we will be able to eat the meat and spit out the bones, in other words, hang on to what is good and disregard anything else. Check back from time to time as I occasionally add books. Books with a * by them indicate books that are considered foundational.  ~ Casey


30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Max Anders

How to Read the Bible for All it’s Worth: Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart

*The Power of Scripture: Smith Wigglesworth


NASB Strong’s Concordance (Hebrew & Greek word definitions) 

Young’s Analytical Concordance  (Hebrew & Greek word definitions)

Jewish New Testament Commentary: David H. Stern

Complete Jewish Study Bible

NLT New Spirit-Filled Life Bible


God’s Generals – Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed: Roberts Liardon

The Roaring Reformers: Roberts Liardon

The Revivalists: Robert’s Liardon

Healing Evangelists: Roberts Liardon

Jonathan Edwards – A New Biography: Iain H. Murray

Charles Spurgeon Autobiography (2 Volumes)


*God’s Master Plan for Your Life: Gloria Copeland

*Grace – Uncovered, Unfiltered and Undeserved: Rod Parsley

*The Power of your Words: E. W. Kenyon

*The Blessing of the Lord: Kenneth Copeland

*The Pilgrim’s Progress: John Bunyan

*Ever Increasing Faith: Smith Wigglesworth


No Dry Season: Rod Parsley

*The Religious Affections: Jonathan Edwards


*Our Hands Are Stained with Blood: Michael L. Brown

Church History in Plain Language: Bruce L. Shelley

2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity: Eddie L, Hyatt


The Screwtape Letters: C. S. Lewis

When Pigs Move In: Don Dickerman

Keep The Pigs Out: Don Dickerman

Free at Last: Larry Huch

10 Curses That Block The Blessing: Larry Huch


Morning and Evening: Charles Spurgeon

From Faith to Faith: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland


*Ever Increasing Faith: Smith Wigglesworth

Mountain Moving Faith: Kenneth E. Hagin

The Force of Faith: Kenneth Copeland

Fresh Faith: Jim Cymbala


God’s Will is Prosperity: Gloria Copeland

The Laws of Prosperity: Kenneth Copeland

A Time to Prosper: Pierce/Heidler


God’s Passion for His Glory: John Piper

The Attributes of God: A. W. Pink

The Sovereignty of God: A. W. Pink


*Christ the Healer: F.F. Bosworth

Smith Wigglesworth on Healing

John G. Lake on Healing

*God’s Will for Your Healing: Gloria Copeland

Healing and Wellness – 10 Day Action Kit: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

*He’s a Healing Jesus: Richard Roberts


*Our Hands Are Stained With Blood: Michael L. Brown

Living Emblems – Ancient Symbols of Faith: John D. Garr

Jesus & The Jewish Festivals: Gary M. Burge

A Time to Advance – Understanding the Hebrew Tribes and Months: Pierce/Heidler

The Messianic Church Arising: Robert Heidler

*The Torah Blessing: Larry Huch

*Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets: Larry Huch

*Releasing the Family Blessing: Larry and Tiz Huch


Smith Wigglesworth on the Holy Spirit

*The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit: Lester Sumrall

Fresh Power: Jim Cymbala

*Good Morning Holy Spirit: Benny Hinn

*Holy Spirit: Michael Koulianos


Jesus and the Jewish Festivals: Gary M. Burge

*The Cross: Rod Parsley

*Gone: Rod Parsley

*The Finale: Rod Parsley

*The Jesus Book: Michael Koulianos


The Complete Works of EM Bounds on Prayer

How to Pray: R. A. Torrey

How to Pray – The Best of John Wesley on Prayer

*Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: Jim Cymbala

Breakthrough Prayer: Jim Cymbala

Fasting: Jentezen Franklin