I was in the Word of Faith for years until the Lord opened my eyes. I got to share some of my story on Jolene’s blog. Follow her blog and Instagram for challenging and encouraging posts.

A person’s heart plans his way,
but theLorddetermines his steps.

Proverbs 16

Two completely different people cemented in their spirituality only to be awakened by God to seek Him through His word. It was only until our worlds collided while on the same narrow path to our Lord that we realized that the life that we were living wasn’t at all that different.This is our story of how God removed the veil from our eyes revealing His truth to an ex New Age Reiki Master and an ex Word of Faith minister.

I spent over fifteen years lost in a labyrinth, desperately searching to discover God’s truth. I thought by taking measures to reach Christ’s consciousness was the answer, so I submerged myself in false beliefs – law of attraction being one of them, worshipping deities, seeking ascended masters and false gods through meditation. I encompassed many different…

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