General Assembly 2016 #GOCOG

church of GodThe Church of God General Assembly kicks off next Tuesday and concludes on Friday. The Assembly meets every two years to discuss vision, progress, structure, and appoint leadership. This may sound boring but it’s not. It’s actually encouraging and necessary.

For those who aren’t part of the Church of God you’ll probably quit reading and wait for the next post. I get that, but if you’re looking for a church I highly recommend finding a Church of God in your area here.

The movement has a rich heritage and legacy in the Holy Spirit. Founded in 1886 by a Baptist minister named Richard Spurling who in 1884 began a journey through Scripture and Church history to find the roots of holiness and power lacking in the church of his day. In the early days of the church the doctrines and experiences of Sanctification, Spirit Baptism, and healing were rediscovered. The Church of God has been re-digging foundational wells ever since. Establishing churches, sending missionaries, and building schools are all part of the mission to make disciples and equip people to do the works of Jesus. If you would like to learn more about the history and teaching of the church you can visit the website or order Like A Mighty Army (the history of the church) and Church of God Distinctives. If you’ve heard of Perry Stone, Jentezen Franklin, or Judy Jacobs that will help give you an idea of what we’re like.

The thing I love about this particular member of the body is its foundation in Holy Spirit, its openness to God doing and moving in new ways and its passion to bring generations together. Paul said we are one body with many members. The body is Jesus, the arms, legs, fingers and toes are the Church of God, Baptists, Methodists and all other groups. We each need to find the tribe we connect with and some may glean from many, I know I do. I’m part of the Church of God but I have learned from books written by Baptists, Wesleyans, and more.

Getting back to General Assembly, looking at the schedule I believe this is a very important meeting considering what is going on in our world today. Tony Evans will be speaking on Urban Evangelism, Larry Stockstill is speaking on spiritual fathering, Ed Stetzer on Great Commission and culture, and more.

This is Dr. William’s last Assembly as General Overseer so there will be appointments of new leadership positions and I pray that those voting hear and are lead by Holy Spirit in decision making not only on leadership but resolutions as well.

I am excited that our theme for the next two years is GO. Some may wonder why a one word theme. I believe GO sums up what we are called to well. GO share love, GO heal the sick, GO provide comfort, GO change the world.

These next two years are full of great promise all over the world. I know it’s easy to look at the circumstances all over the world but we are told don’t look at the temporal, look at the eternal because the temporal is always subject to change. I believe we are a great change agent all over the globe, through our churches, schools, missionaries, home for children, and every believer wherever we may be. We are the change agent for our neighborhoods, our workplaces, cities, regions and nations.

I am praying not only for good business sessions and services, I am praying for a move of Holy Spirit at General Assembly that will propel us to GO be the change our world needs.

I won’t be in Nashville, but I’ll be watching, and you can too here.

Our future is bright! Praying for the new leaders that will be elected and for the Church as a whole as we continue advancing the Kingdom of God through the Church of God!

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