honoring the legacy of Dr. T. L. Lowery

tl loweryDr. T. L. Lowery passed away this past Sunday at the age of eighty seven. I first heard Dr. Lowery on a Perry Stone broadcast and thought, man, this guy sounds like a preacher. While I never followed his ministry anytime he was on with Perry Stone I enjoyed listening to him teach.

Dr. Lowery served in many different capacities in the body of Christ including; pastor, evangelist, mentor, and General Overseer of the Church of God.

He was most known for his enthusiastic Spirit-filled preaching and for the many signs and wonders that took place in his meetings. The most impressive thing to me about Dr. Lowery was not that he pastored large churches or that he served as General Overseer. What impresses me about Dr. Lowery is that he took time with so many young ministers, he taught them, mentored them and gave young men an opportunity to speak.

What is now known as OCI, the ministry started by Mark Casto and Perry Stone began in T. L. Lowery’s building. Dr. Lowery allowed a young minister, Mark Casto to use his building for prayer meetings and the rest developed from there.

There are so many things that could be said about his life but as I reflect on the messages I heard him preach and the discussions I watched him, Perry Stone, and Fred Stone have, I can just hear him saying don’t focus on my legacy go do what God has called you to do. Go do the preaching, go do the miracles, win people to Jesus and lead them in Spirit baptism. Preach the Word and live holy.

Dr. Lowery’s legacy will live on in the lives of countless people who have heard him and will continue to be able to hear his messages on YouTube and read his books.

When a great general leaves the battlefield that does not mean the fight is over, it means you take what that general taught and you continue in the mission. We still have a great commission to fulfill and Dr. Lowery is looking on from the great cloud of witnesses.

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