Bringing Healing in the Land

americaAnother undercover video has been released. The atrocities of Planned Parenthood are unbelievable. However, there is something even more unbelievable, the silence of Christian leaders, magazines, and television shows.

If my people will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from my wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. It’s not the world that needs to repent it’s the Church. We are the ones who have largely been silent, we are the ones in all ball in the corner crying out for the rapture to get out of this bad old world.

Stop it! God loves this country and this people, stand up! We need to quit crying about what the government isn’t doing. Churches and non-profits need to step up and start helping the poor and those who have come to hard times, that’s why we’re here, that’s our deal not the governments.

It saddens me how quiet the Church has been on these videos, but the truth is God won’t heal the land, America won’t find its way back to greatness until we do our part. It’s time for us to rise up as we the people and start honoring God and our values. It’s time to speak loud to be heard, no more setting on the side lines, our nation can’t afford it.

It’s time to get informed, it’s time to get involved. I’m not talking about making everyone believe the exact same thing, I’m saying each of us have a part to play. God has put each of us in this nation for a purpose. We can all do something and as important as prayer is, we must do more than prayer. Faith without corresponding action is dead, get out and do something.

I’ve noticed lately that the those on the Christian left have been getting articles out about separating Jesus from the Christian right, not allowing your faith to be co-opted by politics. Wake up, they are trying to guilt, condemn, whatever word you want to use. They are trying to intimidate conservative Christians into continued silence so a progressive/liberal agenda will come forth. I will not be intimidated or shamed into silence.


I am a proud pro-lifer. I believe there is forgiveness and healing for those involved in abortion. I believe we should love those who have gone through that process, but I also believe we should stand for life.

I am pro legal immigration but no line jumping for law breakers. I am for traditional marriage and for a private companies right to refuse service on both sides.

I am not ashamed of my conservative views and I will not hide them, there is too much at stake to stay silent. This Iran deal is horrendous and dangerous and we cannot afford show votes, it must be stopped.

The current administration is propagating racial tension, it has said nothing about the murders of cops continuing in recent weeks. It is up to us to bring racial healing. There is no black church, white church, Hispanic church only The Church of Jesus Christ. When we quit allowing government and media to divide us that’s when things will change.


I long for the days of conservative republicans again. Moderate positions don’t help and moderate candidates sure don’t win elections, when will we learn our lesson. When will leadership in both parties quit playing politics and start doing the will of the people again? We elected them, when they don’t do what they’ve been voted in to do we need to start voting them out. Representative government is pretty much dead, look at the Iran deal. It’s time we vote establishment out and we the people back in.

When we have leaders who will stand up and even stand against members of their own party we need to stand with them. Chuck Schumer, a democrat is against the Iran deal, I stand with him. senator Ted Cruz has stood on principle and stood up to his own party, I stand with Ted Cruz.

Whether you are republican or democrat do your part in your party. Both parties have corrupt individuals in them and it’s up to us, the grass roots to bring about change.

Research the candidates, get behind someone who is your values, not in words but action. All of this needs to be done.

First and foremost we, the Church do need to truly repent of what we have allowed to take place, after we have done that, it’s time to get involved. God will heal the land through us. The great awakenings of the past came through pastors and Christians not afraid to speak out and not afraid to get involved.

It’s past time to get up. We cannot set on the sidelines anymore. We cannot say we’re in the Kingdom so the nation doesn’t matter. When the righteous are in office the people rejoice and when corrupt people rule people mourn.
It’s time to be informed, it’s time to stand up, it’s time to speak out, and it’s time to get involved!



Ways to get involved:


Participate in Silent Sieges at Planned Parenthood Locations

Research the candidates and support someone who shares your values and principles

Come to DC16 on April 9, 2016 at the Lincoln Memorial and stand for LIFE and Freedom

Support your local pregnancy center

Use your social media accounts to shed light on issues

Join your local political party and bring change in your county, city, and state

Pray daily for national, state, and local leaders, including military, police, and fire fighters.

Host prayer meetings for an awakening and for Godly leaders to be elected.

VOTE in every election!

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