The Importance of Pentecost

imageThis week I have been preparing for the launch of a weekly meeting I will be teaching/facilitating at. As I have rehearsed what the Spirit has given to me I began to think about the lack of experiencing Pentecost in this generation.

When I say Pentecost I am not just referring to tongues, but all the gifts of the Spirit; healings, miracles, words of wisdom and knowledge, and the like.

Recent studies among Pentecostal groups and denominations have shown a decrease in Holy Spirit baptisms and teaching emphasis’ on the moving of the Holy Spirit.

As the Spirit began to impress upon me to go after the supernatural this year I was very excited. In my life I have wavered on these things because I’ve heard them taught all my life but seldom saw things demonstrated and the Word says, (my paraphrase) The Kingdom is not in your ability to teach correct doctrine but to display correct doctrine in power.

Part of me struggled when Holy Spirit began to speak to me about pursuing God in the supernatural, especially starting a weekly meeting specifically for pursuing God in that way. I wondered who would want to come, how would I explain the unexplainable?

The truth is there comes a time when you’re hungry and you don’t care if you can explain it or not. Why are we trying to explain it anyway? The natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit.

My home church started a series last night on the gifts of the Spirit, it has made me even more hungry to see the power of God! Many are afraid to experience the gifts because they don’t understand, yet those same people aren’t willing to dive in.

Listen this is not about a denomination, this is not about being classified as pentecostal or charismatic. It’s about experiencing the love of the Living God, and the power of the Word.

The Bible is not a story book, it is an experience available to us today! Oh God! Let us experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit like the day of Pentecost, let us operate in every gift of the Spirit! Holy Spirit, send your wind, send your fire! Friend, if you’re not hungry ask God to make you hungry! Pentecost is not a story for the older generation, let us claim it for us!

Dr. T. L. Lowery said if you’ll preach it you’ll see it! Friend I’m going to teach healing and miracles and I’m going to preach it till I see it! I’m going to talk about the Holy Ghost till He shows up in power! Friend, pray the hunger in you and the fire down on you! Pray it into your church and your city!

My God we need Pentecost again and that’s what I’m contending for!

Will you contend for your life, your church, and your city?

Will you hunger and thirst till you are filled?

Friend, we are in the new season, we are in Pentecost, the only question is are you in the river?

Are you going to jump in or stay on the bank?


About Casey D. Bell

Casey has a passion to see generations come together for the cause of Christ. Casey teaches strongly in the areas of faith, healing, deliverance, applying God's Word to our everyday life, and the benefits of understanding our Jewish roots.
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