Developing a Heart of Belief

faithA few nights ago I was listening to a message by Bill Johnson and before he began his message he shared an incredible testimony and when I heard the testimony my first thought was yeah right that didn’t happen.

Have you ever heard a testimony and thought that it wasn’t real?

When I caught myself that night I was disappointed in myself for having that type of unbelief in my life. I repented and then asked the Holy Spirit why I had unbelief.

This post has come out of that time, it’s not going to be long, I just want to share some points with you.

It’s easier to resort to a fleshly unbelief than it is to have faith in the supernatural. The reason for this is simple we live more out of the physical realm than the spiritual.

The only thing I wanted to know that night was how I could develop a heart of belief.

One of the things Bill Johnson said was, “to increase your faith for the miraculous surround yourself with and constantly read testimonies of the miraculous”.

What a novel idea, so I have started to do that.

I also realized another reason for my quickness to unbelief was that even though I spend time in the Word and prayer every day, my time consuming media other than the Word is considerably more.

I have to make a decision, each of us has to make a decision, the amount of God’s presence we experience and the amount of miraculous we see will be in direct proportion to our time with Him verses other things.

The thing is, we all know this to be true already, the problem is most of us could admit we don’t spend enough time with Him.

Nothing I’ve written today is ground breaking, we all know this, what I want to point out is I truly haven’t been doing what I know and that’s why unbelief answered the testimony instead of faith and praise.

How do I change that? by changing my lifestyle and renewing my mind.

How do I renew my mind? Spend time letting the Word penetrate my heart, mind, and brain.

I encourage each of us to take a self inventory. Am I more prone to belief or doubt?

Do I want to begin to change? If the answer is yes, start today.


About Casey D. Bell

Casey has a passion to see generations come together for the cause of Christ. Casey teaches strongly in the areas of faith, healing, deliverance, applying God's Word to our everyday life, and the benefits of understanding our Jewish roots.
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