Realization, Repentance, & Restoration

pen and paperRealization:

It has been a while since my last post and during that time the Lord has done many things in my life and spoken much to my Spirit. During that time the Lord sat an appointment for He and I during a Passover conference. Many things transpired during the conference and in the following weeks.

The first thing that began to take place is a revelatory understanding began to take place in my spirit concerning the Hebrew or Jewish roots of the faith. When I say revelatory understanding I mean something that has changed me and not just head and book knowledge that is acquired. I have spoken some about this and more will come in the future.

I also began to see how I had lost my passion for prayer, don’t misunderstand, I still prayed and still emphasized the importance of prayer in my life, it’s just that I allowed that passion and the commitment to pursuing the presence of God through prayer slip.
Many things began to be revealed to me, much of which lead to times of repentance.



During this time I realized how I had allowed religion to take hold during my high school years. I had some very wrong staunch positions and said very hurtful things to people I knew. At times I focused too much on the Judgment of God than His love, for that I am deeply sorry.

As I began to repent for things Holy Spirit brought to my attention I began to see how a restoration of God’s order and purpose needed to take place, not only in my own life but in the body of Christ as a whole.



The first thing that I knew needed to be restored was the Hebrew Roots of the faith. I am not saying we go back under law, I am saying there are things God put in place that He did not change between the Old and New Testaments, these include, Sabbath, Feast Days, and the BLESSING that comes in walking in obedience. We need to be restored to God’s order and His timing and this happens when we return to our roots.

I also believe the Lord wants to restore the reality of the fruit and gifts of the Spirit to believers through the leadership of the Five Fold Ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. It is the first two that truly need to be restored to the Church.

We must return to prayer, praise, and the presence of God. I know many denominations see how they disagree with each other but it is those who will realize that they agree doctrinally and put aside secondary issues that will see a move of God.

We must restore true praise and worship to the Church and not a fifteen to twenty five minute song service that is broken up with greet your neighbor, bowing for prayer, and worship leaders who talk more than they lead us in worship. Scripture tells us to enter with thanksgiving and praise. We will not experience God in the way He has for us until we return to both corporate and personal worship.


Concluding Thoughts:

It’s time for us to be willing to put aside our traditions, programs, and orders of service and invite God in to awaken us. We must be a people of personal and corporate prayer, praise and worship, and people of the Word.

We have destroyed ourselves by trying to systematically learn and describe everything about God. Theology is important but when it is more important than experiencing the God of the theology the devil has won.

We must return to the Church of Acts and the Mystics of times past they knew God and demonstrated God and the Church grew. We wonder why the Church is in decline, we have left relationship and experience for a systematic theology that puts us at odds with each other.

Church, let us turn back to a relational experience with a God who loves us. I’m not saying throw out doctrine or morality. A true experience and an awakening only comes with those things, but with those things alone we are Pharisees, having a form of Godliness but denying its power.

Church lets realize where we are, repent for the things we need to, restore the age old foundations and experience a revival that leads to awakening.

About Casey D. Bell

Bible teacher, blogger and reader of books on a mission to help people know Jesus and grow in your relationship with Him.
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