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Significance and Thoughts From the Blood Moon 4.15.14 (Nisan 5774)

To begin, the significance is not in the blood moon itself but in the fact that it occurred on a feast day. It is also significant that the Hebrew month Nisan started on the first of the Gentile month. Before … Continue reading

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PASSOVER: A Celebration of Our Deliverance

Passover is an eight day celebration beginning tonight at sundown and ending on April 22 (Nissan 22, 5774). Many Christians today do not celebrate the biblical feasts and do not know much about them. I will not get into the … Continue reading

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Part 4: Anger Apprehends Advancemet

Today we begin a five part mini series within our mountaintop series. Today Jesus flips the switch on how the law was viewed, He takes it from outward action to inward motivation. Matthew 5:21-22 NKJV “You have heard that it … Continue reading

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